iTero Scanner

iTero Scanner Use for Aligners In Zanesville, Ohio

The Invisalign® and other aligners represent a great alternative to metal braces. However, the fact that you exchange them every week or two and the millimeter-level precision on which they operate requires a detailed scan and imagery of your jaw.

Compared to traditional metal bracers, plastic aligners apply pressure more gradually; resulting in more comfort even with prolonged use in mind. That’s why having the most precise mould for the aligners is important.

With that in mind, traditional 2D scans are not detailed enough to provide the kind of dental imagery needed for Invisalign® aligners. A 3D approach is necessary to achieve a more detailed and accurate dental model; increasing the efficiency of any restorative dental work.

With that in mind, The Smile Shack uses iTero® Scanners to provide a digital 3D impression of your mouth — later utilized in the manufacturing of detailed aligners with a lower risk of rejection or other issues.

Unlike older intraoral scanners, iTero®  is fully capable of accurately depicting a patient’s molars, because the scanner’s wand is smaller and tiny enough to reach the farthest teeth. In turn, this allows for both more patient comfort and flexibility for your orthodontist.

Also, these scanners provide you with a real-time simulation of your dental impression; you can see it generated as soon as the wand is moved through your mouth. And the resulting scans are quickly sent to your chosen aligner manufacturer!

Outcome Simulation

One of the biggest advantages of this scanner is its ability for Outcome Simulation; allowing you to see the results of the aligners before they’re ever made and letting your dentist suggest any potential changes or corrections.

Progress Assessment

When using iTero scanning for Invisalign aligners, data from the iTero scanner also allows you to carefully track the progress of your dental treatment; also providing your dentist with all of the information they need to apply the right course of action at all times.

How long does an iTero scan take?

An Itero scan typically takes about 3 to 5 minutes per arch, depending on the complexity of your case. Our skilled dental professionals will ensure a quick and comfortable scanning process, so you can get back to your day with minimal disruption.

What are the side effects of the iTero scanner?

The Itero scanner is a safe and non-invasive dental technology, with minimal risk of side effects. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity during the scanning process, but this is rare and usually temporary. Our team at The Smile Shack will ensure your comfort throughout the scanning procedure, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology.

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