Dental Crowns

High-Quality Crowns For Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns represent caps used to cover damaged teeth. They can be created from a variety of materials, including metal and porcelain. The feel, appearance, and other specifics of a dental crown can vary wildly; a crown on a molar may not be visible unless you yawn widely, while crowns on front teeth are sometimes specifically designed to match adjacent teeth.

Retaining a natural appearance and a pretty smile is a priority with any dental procedure, which is why consulting a professional dentist in Zanesville for your crowns is important. And The Smile Shack is always happy to welcome new patients and provide them with the treatment they need.

Why get a dental crown?

There are a couple of different reasons for getting a dental crown — largely, it’s the best course of action when you need to fix a tooth cavity that’s too big to solve with a filling. Apart from that, the state of your tooth might necessitate a dental crown if it’s:

  • Worn out
  • Cracked
  • Weakened

Dental crowns are often recommended after you undergo a Root Canal procedure. Those often result in a weakened tooth that needs more protection to function properly. Also, if you’re missing a tooth, your dentist may advise a dental crown if you need a dental bridge or a tooth implant.

Dental crown maintenance

When you do get a dental crown, it’s advisable to attend to it properly to ensure it lasts a long time. You need to avoid hard foods, brush more carefully, floss daily, and think about a nightguard if you’re someone who grinds their teeth in their sleep.

Different types of materials are used in dental crowns — from composite resin and porcelain to metal and zirconia. Your dentist will select the best materials for your specific crown based on a variety of factors, such as the color of your adjacent teeth, your gum tissue’s position, and the location of the tooth.