Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy for Damaged or Infected Teeth

Root canal therapy involves removing the pulp (soft center) of a tooth. And this soft pulp houses nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels — interconnected to facilitate proper development and growth of your teeth.

Before root canal therapy can be conducted, your dentist or endodontist must provide an accurate diagnosis of your tooth’s dental pulp and the surrounding tissue.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

General dentists and endodontists do root canal procedures with the use of local anesthesia, in the majority of cases. And this kind of treatment is necessary if the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed, infected, or injured in any other way.

The piece of your tooth visible over your gums is referred to as the tooth’s crown. And that outer part of your tooth can stay perfectly healthy even if you take out the inner pulp. In situations where the pulp is infected or inflamed, removing it may be a necessity to preserve the whole tooth.

There are specific symptoms that point towards pulp damage such as:

  • A swelling
  • A hot feeling in your gums
  • General tooth pain

While these symptoms can be decent indicators, dentists generally resort to an X-ray scan to fully confirm the need for a root canal. Once their suspicions are confirmed, your dentist will get rid of any bacteria situated in your root canal system. Then, they will fill the canal and seal the tooth via a filling or a dental crown.

Once this is done, any inflamed tissue should proceed to heal naturally. Make sure to consult a professional dentist in Zanesville if you’re experiencing any symptoms indicative of the need for root canal treatment. The Smile Shack is happy to welcome you and perform a thorough examination of your teeth to see what kind of treatment you need — contact us if you want to schedule an appointment or for any other questions!