Digital X-Rays

Precise And Detailed Digital X-Rays For Dental Treatments

Dental digital X-rays are detailed images of your teeth, used by dentists to evaluate and diagnose your oral health. The X-rays are quite safe, as they involve minimal radiation levels to capture interior images of your gums and teeth. And they go a long way towards helping dentists spot any oral issues like impacted teeth, tooth decay, and cavities.

When are Digital X-Rays used?

Dental X-rays are generally done on an annual basis; though, if you have a specific dental treatment or issue that your dentist is actively tracking, they can be done more often.

When dentists start working with a new patient, they also tend to do a dental X-ray to assess their oral health in detail. And if the patient doesn’t have X-rays done by their previous dental healthcare provider, this is even more important.

Low-risk Digital X-Rays

While the exposure levels of dental X-rays are minimal, there’s an additional level of safety if your dentist in Zanesville uses digital X-rays instead of film — as The Smile Shack does! We are determined to provide all of the necessary safety precautions when it comes to dental X-rays.

Digital x-rays provide numerous advantages apart from increased safety; they allow patients and dental experts to see the dental images instantly on a TV screen, computer, or tablet — at a much higher resolution than with film-based X-rays. Plus, digital scans can be quickly sent to insurance companies; they’re much easier to manage and store in general. 

Just make sure to remember that pregnancy is an important exception to the general level of safety when it comes to X-Rays. Pregnant women, or those who think that they’re pregnant, should avoid any kind of X-Ray, including dental digital ones. Your dentist should know if you’re pregnant, seeing as even low radiation is not safe for fetuses in development.