White Fillings

Teeth-Colored White Fillings Are A Go-To For Cavity Treatment

If you’re suffering from a tooth cavity, your dentist must remove the damaged part of your tooth to treat it. However, the area left behind the decayed material must be filled — and that’s where dental fillings come in. They’re the generally accepted course of action for broken, cracked, or worn-down teeth. These days, there are various options when it comes to filling materials — from porcelain, gold, and silver to tooth-colored white fillings.

Pros and Cons of White Fillings

There are several notable advantages of white fillings compared to other filling materials for teeth. First of all, they’re sometimes easier on the tooth — with less of the original structure being removed in the process of preparation for the white fillings compared to other types.

Furthermore, they’re quite versatile — as white fillings can be used for worn-out, broken, chipped, and decaying teeth. Plus, they’re bonded to your tooth structure better, giving you more support.

Also, white fillings made out of composite resin have another important benefit compared to other materials — they’re less sensitive to heat. With metal fillings, there’s an unpleasant sensitivity while consuming cold or hot drinks and food. Do you really want to be thinking about your tooth each time you want to get some ice cream or drink a cup of hot cocoa?

With white fillings, you don’t have to. And finally, the most superficial reason why people opt for white fillings is their aesthetics — with their color and shade matching your existing teeth more closely than with other types of fillings.

Naturally, all of this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some downsides to white fillings as well. Most notably, white fillings degrade quicker than silver fillings — with the latter lasting you at least twice as long.

White Fillings Treatment

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